Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yup! Photos are Good For Your Mental Health!


Stalker.What?Stalker la pekak.. Cit.. No, I am not a stalker since I just looked at the photos.. That’s me, love to open my friends’ Facebook pages and scroll through their photo’s album… And also my Facebook’s photo album larh…

Love to see people smile and laugh…  Mcm bagi therapy… Numerous times I looks back at my family photo album, xkre la, Facebook ke, album2 dalam lappy ke..*dah mcm org gilak pulak*.. hehe..

Seronok kan?

I read an article said that photos are good for your mental health.. not for pesakit mental tau,Ya, betul sangat sangat.. When I missing somebody  I am close to, whether they’re far away or I am not going to see them for a long period of time, I just look at their photos  and it did give me a boost! *erk?*

Taapercaya ka?

Sob..Sob..Sob.. Missing my family so much.. Crying like crazy now.. Aduih, taaboleh berhenti menangis ni…

Ok.Ok. Tabah oPiE, Tabah!!*masih menangis*

FYI, 1 study found that people can endure more physical pain when they’re looking at pictures of their loved ones! Wuwuwuwu..

Photographs can remind me of happy memories, important events and many more.

Even tough I’m not a good photographer, I love taking pictures. It doesn’t matter if I’m not in the photos, as long as the memories can be framed.

It did give a good therapy to me.  So, if any of you is feeling low or lonely, instead of buat benda2 taabetul, just reach for an old photo album or log onto your Facebook account. A pic of you and your sisters or brothers or friends doing crazy things might be just what you need.. Cuba la!

p/s: Cr buat K.nisa sbb tolong betulkan Grammar saye! Muahx!SUmpah taanak buat entri dlm Eng lagik!!!

Terimakasih sudi bace (:


  1. oit oit..lagu titanic dah skg. hehe

  2. Rase mcm nek kapal Titanic x? Ke mcm nek boat UMS? haha~


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