Sunday, February 27, 2011

We are in Malaysia

Here are some tips to keep and feel fresh while u are in Malaysia. A country with equable temperatures, range from 21-31°C. Panas kan? If tak panas, hujan melimpah-limpah ke ladang gandum pula bila wet season (NE Monsoon)  dah datang. Masalah ke bagi korang? For me, Ok je. Bersyukur kot cuaca gitu kat Malaysia. Sederhana kan?
Eh2, shafiyyah, anda telah lari topic ni. Haha. At first nak share some tips, but termengarut pula.
Ok2. Disebabkan our country tercinta ni panas yang agak terik and hujan yang kekadang lebat melebat, i would like to share some tips that will give benefit to all of us. Hopefully lah.. 
  • Try to avoid the heat of the day and make sure you drink lots of water to avoid dehydration *rule of thumb kot*. Mineral water in a plastic bottle costs about RM1.00. So carry 1 to quench your thirst. If you don’t have any, beli lah kak, kedai banyak tu.
  • And the under-rated umbrella – that centuries’ old invention – is still useful (and certainly in fashion!) when you travel under the hot sun and unpredictable rain. Carry one around - it can also double up as a self defence weapon. Hiyak, hiyak,hiyak, belasah je dengan your ‘old invention’ umbrella. J
  • And,,,there are foldable umbrellas now, and they are more durable and lighter, compared to the heavy made-in-China wooden-handled paper umbrellas your father used to carry in the old days! Gedabak gila kan.
  • Or you can just wear a hat, a cap, straw-hat or something shady over your head to cover from the sun (and rain).
  • Also try to wear LOOSE-FITTING SHIRTS and CLOTHES made from natural fibers like cotton, rather than synthetics. Sweat is absorbed and evaporates faster, and the body feels cooler and less sticky. *capslock LOOSE-FITTING SHIRTS and CLOTHES as in Islam, we are forbidden to wear very ketat2 clothes- you alls know what I mean(for muslim only lorh)*

wulamak. dapat payung ni memang syiok! lol~

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