Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shampoo+facial cleanser

Here are some tips on how to take care of our hair and face.. I got these tips from my best friend, Mong hang. She is good in anything as long as is concerned health. And. She always helps me in choosing/suggesting my skin care products.
The tips that I’m going to share are very simple tips. 

For our hair:
If we read through magazines, mostly will recommend us to use shampoo with less chemical or no chemical at all which contain herbal. Haiya, mahal woo. Not all of us can afford it. Ada jugala yang harganya so-so. Tapi takpe, I wrote this so that everyone can apply it, mampu ke tak mampu, mesti ade pkai product juga kan.
After you squeeze an adequate amount of shampoo onto your palm, rub it with both hand to produce leather *not necessary as long as u rub it*. By doing so, the shampoo is evenly spread on your hair/scalp instead of concentrating at one particular area. This is because our hair could not bear the high concentration of chemical from the shampoo. If not, your hair might lead to hair fall.

For our face:
Same thing like above, must rub into leather *MUST!!!!!*.this is the most important rule to follow if you want to obtain a clean skin. The leather is the one that clean dirt on your face. Leather is the one that help soap clean dirt. The leather will trap the dirt and then will wash away after we rinse our face. That’s all. Simple! I don’t want to talk too much on how to clean our face. Guna air suam la, guna air sejuk pulak lah, those things, you can just ask MR.Google. He can help. Lol.

p/s: these tips I already applied. It’s work very well!

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